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Airspace Galaxy



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Airspace provides the most comprehensive airspace protection available. Working with the US Department of Defense, we created an extensive and user-friendly airspace awareness solution to protect people, facilities and intellectual property.

Up and running in less than an hour and requiring very little training, Airspace Galaxy uses sensor fusion and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to quickly gather data from complex situations. That data is then turned into easy-to-use information which allows for decision making in seconds, not hours.


3D Drone Flight Paths

Drone Traffic Over Time by Threat Classification

Number of Drones in Airspace Over Time by Threat Classification 

We focus on the power of software intelligence to detect, classify and respond to potential situations before they even occur. Our cloud-based Drone Discovery as a Service consolidates and analyzes deep historical data. By using advanced technologies in innovative ways, we deliver actionable real-time protection for your people, your facilities and your intellectual property.

Airspace Galaxy Solutions

1. Detect

We identify and monitor drones by capturing multi-dimensional data from each drone then predict the trajectories and behaviors of any drone within your airspace. This is done by merging together radio frequency sensors, radar, camera feeds, and other data to create a comprehensive picture of what’s happening.

All drones, projected trajectories, and other information are displayed in a simple-to-understand way.

2. Classify

We instantly prioritize real threats and reduce false alarms using AI to perform multi-dimensional risk analysis to support decisions by human operators. Risk assessment processes situational and historic data to determine a risk score. Risk assessment includes a complete drone history, relevant situational factors, and fused trajectory data.

The result is the most accurate, complete and detailed airspace awareness solution available today.

3. Respond

We notify all relevant parties and initiate appropriate actions immediately. This can be done via your operations center, email, or your smart device. Actions can be ground alerts to law enforcement or security personnel, or drone action where allowed, based on your response policies, or you can take the lead.

All recommended risks and actions can be overridden by human operators as desired.