Real-time visibility into your Airspace, today

Airspace MetroAir

It’s all about the data

By tapping into a pre-existing hardware network, MetroAir users can access the powerful insights of local drone traffic via their browsers or mobile devices.

MetroAir gives individual organizations deep insights and fast responses, without the need to create a solution of hardware systems, operators and overhead. Instead, users receive immediate access to all data and insights, assuring fast, proactive responses.

This cost-effective approach to airspace protection is the perfect way for you to get started with Airspace Galaxy solutions. When you need a deeper level of airspace awareness, you can install Airspace Galaxy and access a larger set of functionality. 

MetroAir users can:

  • See drone activity in their area
  • Access historical data for their area
  • Access risk assessments for drones in their area
  • Sign up for alerts on their devices


AI and Machine Learning

Minimizes false positives, ensuring the information fed to your security teams and law enforcement is valuable and actionable

Instant Notifications

Can be sent by our web-based application, mobile app and email, and integrated into existing security management systems

Historical Detection Data

Characterizes drone activity in the vicinity of your facility (i.e., typical drone launch and recovery sites, flight patterns, etc.)

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