Know Every Drone.

Safe and secure skies open for business and social good

 Airspace Galaxy Solutions provide you with the ability to detect, classify and respond to any and every drone.


Drones are an exciting and powerful emerging technology. They have the potential to do a tremendous amount of good in our communities, from supporting public safety and emergency response to providing new tools for businesses and enterprises of all sizes.

The fast uptake of drones provides many use cases: they can inspect non-functioning cell towers without placing a person at risk 1,000 feet up in the air. Drones can take pictures of a vehicle accident scene, providing first responders with critical information and enabling crowded freeways to reopen in minutes, not hours. Drones can use thermal imaging to identify fire hot spots, reducing the risks for firefighters.

For all the positive things drones can do when operated properly, used inappropriately, they can also open new avenues for criminal activities, and attacks on public and private properties and events.

“We are ushering in a new age of American aviation, and we need to ensure that this fast-growing and exciting technology is deployed in a safe and secure manner.”
Michael Huerta

Former FAA Administrator and current Airspace Systems Advisor to the Board

Airspace provides


We accurately detect any drone within your airspace by fusing together data from radio frequency sensors, radar, camera feeds, and other sources.


We perform multi-dimensional risk analysis by leveraging Artificial Intelligence, machine learning and advanced robotics with situational and historic data.


We immediately alert you to any unauthorized drone activity within your airspace via your operations center, email or your smart device so you can take action.

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