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FIRST VIDEO of the drone holding hundreds of thousands hostage: Gatwick saboteur plays cat-and-mouse with snipers as drone is spotted AGAIN, minutes before airport was due to re-open – with chaos set to last until Xmas Eve

DAILY MAIL   The is the first footage of the drone that has shut down Gatwick for the past 24 hours as the Army was ca...

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Airspace CTO Guy Bar-Nahum spoke on Autonomous Drone Security System specifically, and more generally, on the use of autonomy, robotics and machine learning in unmanned systems

Guy Bar-Nahum is the CTO of Airspace Systems. A strong leader with an impressive track record of execution, Bar-Nahum ha...

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Airspace had the opportunity to introduce its counter UAS Technology to the Canadian Federal Government, to include the Prime Minister and his staff.

Having experienced the first, documented collision in North America between a commercial aircraft and a drone, Canadia...

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