Airspace Systems, Inc. (Airspace) had a highly productive week in Washington, D.C. as Airspace continues to provide leadership for the counter drone industry in the United States. While in Washington, Airspace CEO Jaz Banga spoke at the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI) Defense conference, focusing on the challenges of using, protecting and maximizing the potential of artificial intelligence (AI) for defense and national security. Artificial intelligence is quickly becoming a critical component to any national security strategy and losing the war over AI is something the United States cannot afford. Banga stressed the importance of government investment in “AI infrastructure” to include AI educational resources, deepening the domestic AI talent pool, and advancing US AI computational capabilities.

In addition to the AUVSI Defense event, Airspace met with eleven Congressional offices throughout the House of Representatives and the Senate. As the only cUAS company on the FAA’s Drone Advisory Committee (DAC) and a thought leader in cUAS policy, Congressional members and staff discussed with Airspace what the future of cUAS policy would look like in the United States. Both sides of the aisle agreed that immediate, yet methodical, cUAS policy is needed in the United States and all agreed Airspace’s continued work in both the technical and policy realms were critical to U.S. national security.