Helping Companies Plan for Safe Reopenings with New Mask Adherence Technology

What is Airspace All Clear?

A fully-automated solution built on Airspace’s central Galaxy platform that empowers workplace safety efforts in a consumer-first, privacy-designed approach.

All Clear allows companies to monitor for face mask adherence and scan for clustering within and on the perimeter of office buildings.

All Clear Features:

  • Contact point detection & risk-based alerts
  • Monitors social distancing and congregation levels
  • Integrated mask detection and Access Control
  • Desktop and mobile notification options
The system offers enterprise-grade safety, data encryption, and centralized control

  • Compliance through Convenience
    • Create barriers for non-mask compliant individuals/employees to encourage regular mask usage
    • Operationalize your access control: no mask, no access
  • Collect Data
    • Leverage existing camera infrastructure to monitor for face mask adherence and social distancing efforts
    • Scan for clustering within and on the perimeter of office buildings
  • Communicate
    • Data → Information → Action-Oriented Decisions instantly on desktop and mobile
    • Risk-based alerts and notifications while protecting the privacy of individuals
      For example, “Alert me if more than 5 people are in a cluster” or “Alert me if people are in the elevator and not wearing a mask”
    • Safety and security teams can access “real-time” dashboards to assess hotspots

Why now?

As corporations and other organizations that operate facilities and venues deal with new responsibilities to manage mask compliance and social distancing, Airspace All Clear utilizes advanced machine vision, AI and proprietary technology to empower safety efforts.

Watch Airspace All Clear in action

Compliance through Convenience – All Clear Access Control in action

Getting Started

Getting started with All Clear can be as simple as leveraging your existing cameras and adding a small server for local processing. Airspace will work with you to define your requirements and create a rollout plan that gets you up and running quickly while optimizing your existing infrastructure.

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